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Peter M. Candler, Jr.

From Tolkien Gateway
Peter M. Candler, Jr.
Biographical Information
EducationDoctor of Philosophy, Theology (2003) University of Cambridge

Master of Philosophy, Theology (Two-Year Course) (1997) University of Cambridge

Bachelor of Arts, Religion (1994) Wake Forest University

Peter M. Candler, Jr. is Associate Professor of Theology at the Department of Religion of Baylor University. As medieval and pre-modern theology is one of his main academic interests, Candler has published various books and articles in this field, as well as teaching courses which include "The Intellectual Tradition of the Ancient World", "The Medieval Intellectual Tradition", "The Middle Ages" and "The 18th and 19th Centuries". He has published one of the few comparative articles of J.R.R. Tolkien and Friedrich Nietzsche, first presented as a paper at the Tolkien conference at Exeter College, Oxford, in August 2006.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Peter is married to Meredith Candler and is the father of two boys.

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