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Rôs was the name of a promontory in the Great Lands, according to the early version of the legendarium in some of the outlines for the continuation of The Book of Lost Tales.[1]

It was the place of the great Battle of Rôs during the Faring Forth, in which the Elves were defeated.[1] While the precise location of the promontory is unknown, Christopher Tolkien suggests that it might be identified with Brittany, a peninsula and region in modern day France.[2]

There is evidence that the Gnomes living there possessed their own unique dialect.[3]


The name Rôs is in Gnomish. The Gnomish Lexicon glosses it as "the Sea; the all-embracing, the surrounding", with its Qenya cognate being Rása.[4] However, it seems that this meaning of the name is another, different one from that mentioned in the main section of the article above.[5]

Another possible origin of the name Rôs, might lie in the village of Roos in Yorkshire, near which Tolkien was stationed in 1917-1918.[3]

The name Roos probably means either "moor" or "promontory" - with its Welsh, Breton and Irish cognates being rhôs ("moor, heath, plain"), ros ("hillock") and ros ("promontory"), respectively.[3]

Other versions of the legendarium

In other, later outlines, Rôs was either the name of the capital of the Elves of Tol Eressëa, or perhaps a name for Tol Eressëa itself.[6]