Ringil (tower)

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The name Ringil refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Ringil (disambiguation).

In an early conception of the legendarium, Ringil was one of the two towers that held one of the Two Lamps created to light Middle-earth.


Ringil was a great tower, raised by Melkor to house the northern of the Two Lamps fashioned by Aulë to illuminate Middle-earth. The tower was extremely tall, rising to the stars, and shone like pale blue crystal. Melkor claimed that Ringil and its southern twin Helkar were made of a strong, imperishable substance that he had devised; in reality he lied for they were made of ice (a material unknown to the other Valar). When Aulë's lamps were placed upon them (silver in the north and gold in the south) the ice melted and caused great floods to pour into the seas.[1]