River Running (book)

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This article is about a MERP supplement. For the the river in Rhovanion, see River Running.
River Running
AuthorJoe Martin
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
ICE stock no.8114

River Running is an adventure supplement for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition.

Cover/Jacket Text

Dorwinion, the Land of Maidens, flanks the eastern end of the River Running where it flows into the Sea of Rhûn. Inhabited by traders and diplomats, the realm is famed for its magnificent wines. Casks of sparkling whites, subtle reds, and sweet rosés travel to all ends of Middle-earth. Despite its location on the frontiers of Gondor, Dorwinion is not ignored by the dreaded Necromancer who lurks in Mirkwood. Monstrous beasts, sorcerous raids, and supernatural diseases all plague the Dorwinadan peoples at the Dark Lord's whim.


  • 6 CHALLENGING ADVENTURES in which the Dark Lord's minions strive to bring ruin to Dorwinion and all who travel the River Running.
  • COMPLETE LAYOUTS & MAPS for each adventure - more than 12 pages in all.
  • STATISTICS for all beasts, monster, and NPCs that confront the adventurers.
  • TABLES of results and NPC reactions for all adventures.
  • EXTENSIVE GM NOTES for exciting, well-run play.
  • REWARDS - for successful adventurers described in detail - including the coveted license to export Dorwinion wine.