Rose Brandyfoot

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"Rose Brandyfoot" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Rose Brandyfoot
Biographical Information
BirthLate Second Age
DeathLate Second Age
SpouseLargo Brandyfoot
Physical Description

Rose Brandyfoot was a Harfoot who was apart of a caravan led by Sadoc Burrows during the Second Age. Rose was invented for The Rings of Power television series by Amazon Studios.


Rose was born during the latter half of the Second Age. She married Largo Brandyfoot and took on the Brandyfoot name.

After the death of Rose Brandyfoot, her husband, Largo, had "felt like the wheels broke out from under" him. Largo had believed that after Rose's death, he would never be the same again. While Largo Brandyfoot was eventually able to move on from Rose, it was not until only after he first saw Marigold within the clearing of the Norfield Glen, that he was finally able to move on from his grief. They had two children together: Elanor and Dilly.

After breaking his left ankle and Marigold grew afraid that that the caravan would be forced to leave them behind on the migration due to the wound. However, Largo attempted to heal her despair by reminding her that she had helped him when he was grieving for Rose Brandyfoot.


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Largo Brandyfoot
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Marigold Brandyfoot
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Elanor Brandyfoot
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Dilly Brandyfoot
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