Sidney Barrowclough

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Sidney Barrowclough (1894-1969) was a member of the T.C.B.S.. A few years younger than the core members, Barrowclough (and Ralph Payton) continued the T.C.B.S. after the "big four"[note 1] left King Edward's School.

Barrowclough was born in 1894 to John and Emily Barrowclough. He had a younger sister Agnes, born in 1989.[1] In October of either 1911 or 1913,[note 2] Barrowclough, along with Ralph Payton, joined the T.C.B.S..[2] While at King Edward's School, he played as three-quarter back on the school rugby team.[3] Barrowclough is described by John Garth as "[affecting] a cold cynicism, robing his sarcasm in verbal elegance".[4] Barrowclough would serve in the Royal Field Artillery at the rank of Second Lieutenant during World War I. Barrowclough married Constance Marian Page in 1920 and died on 1 February, 1969.[1]

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