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Sociedad Tolkien Colombia Orodruin

From Tolkien Gateway

The Sociedad Tolkien Colombia Orodruin (Spanish: "Tolkien Society Colombia Orodruin"), or STCO, is a Tolkien Society based in Colombia. It is active in 2023 as it's Facebook page shows activity.


The society was founded on 24 July 1999[1] by Guillermo Correa (1944-2020) and Alejandro Botero in Medellín. They initially wanted to join the Spanish Tolkien Society, but were encouraged to found their own society instead. [2]


Since 2015, the society publishes an biannual journal called Dragón Verde (Spanish:" Green Dragon"). Notable cover artists have been Jemima Caitlin, Donato Giancola, Ted Nasmith, Jenny Dolfen, David Wenzel, Anke Eißmann and Matěj Čadil.

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