Place of the Well

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Detail of the Map of Gondolin by Karolina Węgrzyn

The Place of the Well, also known as the Square of the Folkwell, was a large square in Gondolin, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.

It was located north-west of the Square of the King, connecting it by the Road of Arches, while its western entry was the Arch of Inwë. The square had many oak and poplar trees, and also a great well of vast depth with very pure water. During the Fall of Gondolin, after the fall of the northern gate, many goblins reached the Place and the well became polluted with the carcases of Orcs. Later Galdor and his men of the Tree expelled the enemy there, saving Tuor. Then took place the scattering of many houses, forming a good battalion that Tuor led to the Square of the King.[1]