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Túrin Wrapper

From Tolkien Gateway

The Túrin Wrapper comprises three Sindarin[note 1] texts pertaining to the Narn i Chîn Húrin of the 1950s composed by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was published, along with translations and analysis by Carl F. Hostetter, in Vinyar Tengwar 50.

Area IV

Area IV on the wrapper contains text detailing dialogue from Rían to her infant son Tuor.

Sindarin Translation
A Rían pent >> Arp >> Arphent Rían Tourna

man agrorech?
Sí {?a?l il cem >>} il chem
{na >>} en i naugrim en ir Ellath
{natho >>} thor {a >>} den ammen

And said Rían to Tour

'What have we done?'
'Now all [?the earth/hands/hearts]'
'of the dwarves [and] of the Elves'
'will be [?opposed/?silent] to us'


  1. Hostetter notes that while he adopts "Sindarin" for convenience, the exact dates of the texts are not known, and thus may be late Noldorin, Beleriandic, or early Sindarin


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