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Latest comment: 31 December 2022 by Dour1234

This is the same poem as Upon The Hearth The Fire Is Red, and the pages are already very similar. Since I believe that that page has the better name, I propose that this page be deleted and any necessary details be added to the other page. —FactoidCow (talk) 05:00, 31 December 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

They should probably be merged first before deciding which one to keep. The poem is said to be a walking-song, so perhaps this page should be renamed to "Walking-songs" and be similar to the Rhymes of Lore page, which is about multiple unseen poems in which only one example is known. Walking-songs seem to be similar in that it is implied that this poem is but one walking-song, and there are many unknown walking-songs like there are many unknown Rhymes of Lore. In addition, the quote at the top of the walking-song page does reveal a bit on Hobbit culture, hence why the page should be on walking-songs in general. The same can apply to bath-songs. Dour1234 (talk) 05:05, 31 December 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]