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A few questions[edit source]

1. There is this passage. It mentions the Men of Bree as friends of the Númenóreans. But they were a part of Dunlendings who the Númenóreans were hostile to! I'm not too sure, maybe the issue is that it covers both the Second and the Third Ages in one sentence and it comes off as awkward. Also, did Bree even exist in the middle of the Second Age?

When the Númenóreans returned to Middle-earth in the Second Age, they encountered many Men who were obviously related to the Atani: they classified these Men as Middle Men, and established friendly relations with them. Examples are the Northmen or the Men of Bree.

2. they mingled by the disasters of the War of the Jewels and intermarriage - would I be correct to call this sentence awkwardly worded?

3. although their native language was Mannish with elements from Avarin after their first contact with the Dark Elves - I have added the mention of Khuzdul, with a reference to The Peoples after Khuzdul.

4. The Sindarin word Edain, singular Adan (Quenya Atani, Atan), literally meant - I have added the last comma. Was I right?--Adûnâi 01:57, 3 June 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The Men of Bree are pre-Numenoreans but aren't Dunlendings. As for the other corrections, many phrases are awkward both because some editors aren't native English speakers, and also because we are often working on text that is already here. There is no single specific person who is responsible for the flow of the text, so feel free to make corrections. Sage 07:01, 3 June 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]