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506 or 507?

The articles for F.A. 506 and F.A. 507 duplicate some of the events of the Second Kinslaying.

In the Tale of Years (HoME vol. XI, p. 351), in what is I think the latest word on the subject of chronology for this period of time, it is said that the Sons of Feanor attacked Doriath at Yule (i.e. December 21) of 506, and that the fighting probably continued into 507.

The quote for the entry 506-507 in the Tale of Years goes like this:

At Yule Dior fought the sons of Fëanor on the east marches of Doriath, and was slain. There fell also Celegorn (by Dior's hand) and Curufin and Cranthir. The cruel servants of Celegorn seize Dior's sons (Elrún and Eldún) and leave them to starve in the forest. (Nothing certain is known of their fate, but some say that the birds succoured them, and led them to Ossir.) [In margin: Maidros repenting seeks unavailingly for the children of Dior.] The Lady Lindis escaped with Elwing, and came hardly to Ossir, with the Necklace and the Jewel. Thence hearing the rumour she fled to the Havens of Sirion.

Dior was slain by (and slew) Celegorm in 506 certainly, and the deaths of Curufin and Caranthir took place in the same battle on the east marches of Doriath.

But the remaining events, such as the servants of Celegorm abandoning Elured and Elurin in the woods as revenge for the death of their lord, as well as Maedhros' search for them, and the escape of Elwing with her mother (who dies in the published Silmarillion) to the Havens of Sirion, could very well (and likely did) take place in 507. IvarTheBoneless (talk) 11:49, 18 August 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]