The Manuscripts of J.R.R.T.

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The Manuscripts of J.R.R.T.
The Manuscripts of J.R.R.T.jpg
AuthorTaum Santoski (editor)
PublisherMarquette University
Released1st Edition 1984
FormatExhibition catalogue

The Manuscripts of J.R.R.T. (Catalogue of an Exhibit of the Manuscripts of J.R.R.T.), was issued, in 1984, to attendees of 'The Road Goes Ever On' conference at Marquette University in 1983.

The catalogue reproduces four extracts from manuscripts created for The Lord of the Rings[1]:

  1. 'Orthanc and Isengard' - a sketch.
  2. 'Map of Anorien and Minas Tirith' - a sketch map.
  3. 'Draft of the Ring Inscription' - in tengwar.
  4. 'The Lord of the Rings - Herumillion' - a tengwar inscription.


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