The Uruk-hai

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The Uruk-hai
Chapter of The Two Towers
EventMerry and Peregrin escape the Uruk-hai.
Date27-29 February 3019
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The Uruk-hai is the third chapter of the first book in The Two Towers.


Gulp of Orc Draught by Irvin Rodriguez

Pippin and Merry, in the custody of the Orcs, lay captive awaiting their fates. By listening to the conversation, Pippin learned that there were two groups of Orcs. In the course of taking the captives, the two groups had fought one another. Pippin got hold of a knife and cut his bonds, tying a loose knot around his wrists.

The prisoners were picked up and after another short journey, the Orc's messenger told them that a single horseman had been seen nearby. This time Merry and Pippin were made to walk instead of being carried. Pippin managed to break free, but was caught. Fortunately before he was caught, he managed to lose his cloak pin, a broach from Lórien. He lost consciousness and only regained it when the Orcs stopped.

Éomer and his men attacked the Orcs and Merry and Pippin managed to escape into Fangorn Forest.


The chapter was probably written in January 1942.[1]