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Thomas Mastakouris (Greek: Θωμάς Μαστακούρης) is a Greek author, writer and translator. His field of expertise have been fantasy, horror and science fiction. Outside of the field of literature, he has written (occasionally as a collaborator) on topics such as conspiracy theories, Nazi occultism, cryptozoology, crystalomancy and runes.

He has translated several books by Tolkien as well as books related to him or Middle-earth. He has also authored at least one book concerning Tolkien's legendarium.

He is a member of Greek Tolkien Society.

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

  • Τζ. Ρ. Ρ. Τόλκιν - Ρίζες και φύλλα του Δέντρου της Μέσης-γης (Roots and leaves of the Middle-earth tree)

Translations into Greek[edit | edit source]

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