Thorsten Renk

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Thorsten Renk is a German linguist of Tolkien's invented languages.[1] He is the creator of the Parma Tyelpelassiva website. Since 2013, he is a member of the Review Panel of Vinyar Tengwar.[2]

His vulgarized adûnaic, sindarin, and quenya courses teach a unified grammar and lexicon for each of these languages, introduced gradually through lessons/chapters, text-examples, and exercises. This handy learning approach gained some popularity among (neo-)elvish learners. However, they have been heavily criticized for their inaccuracies, questionable reconstructions and arbitrary choices to ignore or ackowledge some of Tolkien's writings over others[3].


  • 2006: Ni-bitha Adûnâyê (Adûnaic course)
  • 2008: Quetin i Lambë Eldaiva (Quenya course)
  • 2010: Pedin Edhellen: a Sindarin Course