Tim of Townsend

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The name Tim refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Tim (disambiguation).

Tim of Townsend was the great-grandson of Nokes, the one-time Master Cook who scoffed at the notion of Faery. Tim was also the nephew of Smith Smithson, who as a boy had swallowed the Fay-star that Alf had put into Nokes' Great Cake. The Fay-star had allowed Smith to enter the land of Faery and eventually meet the Queen and to know the King. When Smith gave the Fay-star back to Alf for him to put into his Great Cake, he was allowed to choose his nephew as the next recipient. Smith explained that Tim was quite different from Nokes and Alf concurred, stating that his mother was wise.

Tim had been a somewhat plump little boy, able to sing sweetly but clumsy when dancing. However, after he had eaten his slice of the Great Cake that Alf had baked he developed a light in his eyes such as Smith had after his slice of Cake, and Tim showed new grace while dancing. At the end of the Feast, Alf announced that he was leaving and only little Tim took his hand and said that he was sorry to see him go.[1]

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

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