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Bureaucrats are Tolkien Gateway editors who have been granted the technical ability to change individual user rights. In particular, they are able to promote editors to adminship or approve the creation of new bots.

Bureaucrats are volunteers who use their own judgement to exercise their abilities in the best interests of Tolkien Gateway. There are currently 3 bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats' abilities[edit]

Bureaucrats have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

  • Grant (and remove) administrator and bureaucrat rights to other users;
  • Approve new bots and remove bot user rights.

Current bureaucrats[edit]

Becoming a bureaucrat[edit]

See also: Tolkien Gateway:Requests for adminship

There is currently no defined procedure for an user to become a bureaucrat; previous promotions have been agreed upon in a community meeting. However, a first step to becoming a bureaucrat is obtaining the position of an administrator.

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