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Bots (derived from "robot") are automated or semi-automated user accounts which perform mundane and repetitive tasks very rapidly. Bots have the same permissions as editors, save that their edits are not highlighted so as not to disrupt other editors.

Bots are not sockpuppets, but they are owned by another user who monitors their performance and programmes their tasks. An unauthorized bot could do a lot of damage to Tolkien Gateway, so they must be approved by a bureaucrat.

Current bots[edit source]

Job requests[edit source]

If you have a mundane or repetitive task that you would like a bot to perform, please contact either KingAragorn or Mith. They should be able to help, or else explain the limitations of their bots.

Obtaining a bot[edit source]

There is currently no defined procedure for creating a bot, however, all bots must be approved by a bureaucrat, so it is advisable to speak to a bureaucrat before creating a second account. You should explain why specifically you feel that you need a bot and what tasks you intend for it perform.