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Khazad-zûm by Paula DiSante

Tolkien Gateway has its own chat platform, held on a Discord Server. It is currently open to editors as well as members of the public who wish to help contribute to the wiki, being a place to discuss all matters regarding the wiki and its contents. Wiki talk pages are still useful for matters worthy of being registered, but many discussions, updates, and suggestions are regularly posted on the Discord server.

Please, take into account that the primary focus of the server is the Tolkien Gateway wiki and its upkeep; while Tolkien-related conversation is acceptable in the proper channels on the server, those only wishing to have non-wiki-related discussions regarding Tolkien and his works should seek out an appropriate forum for this purpose.

As a general rule, users of the Discord server should follow the same behavior guidelines as the wiki:

  • Be respectful
  • Avoid profanity
  • No personal attacks (and move personal debates elsewhere)
  • No legal threats
  • Be accountable
  • No offensive usernames
  • Do not bite the newcomers

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