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In general, should you wish to contact Tolkien Gateway, you should do so via an article's talk page, by posting a message in our forums, or else writing directly to an editor on their talk page. We are always keen to hear your suggestions for improvement, as well as being informed about any potential complaints, problems with content, or copyright violations.

Although Tolkien Gateway was founded by Hyarion he is not directly responsible for the content. Tolkien Gateway does not have an editorial board as it is a collaborative effort by a community of volunteers.

Copyright violations[edit]

As Tolkien Gateway is hosted on a server in the USA, this wiki falls under US jurisdiction (including the principle of fair use). If you believe Tolkien Gateway is violating US copyright laws, then please flag that up on the talk page of the individual article/file. Another editor will look into the issue and potentially an administrator will take further action.

Contacting individuals[edit]

UserPositionTalk pageEmail address
HyarionOwner and webmasterUser
MithAdministrator and webmasterUser