Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/3 April 2011

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Tolkien Gateway Meetings
Sunday 3 April 2011, 7pm UTC, #Wiki IRC Channel
PDT (PST + 1) MDT (MST + 1) CDT (CST + 1) EDT (EST + 1)
12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm
BST (GMT + 1) CEST (CET + 1) EEST (EET + 1)
8pm 9pm 10pm

Agenda and Outcome[edit]

Item Responsible Member Discussion Point Outcome
#1 KingAragorn Meeting opening. KingAragorn, Mith, Amroth, Ederchil, Eldarion Telcontar and Hyarion were all present.
#2 KingAragorn Should the Ithilien skin be set to default on all browsers? It was agreed that Ithilien should become the default skin for all browsers.
#3 Mith Feature Article criteria. It was agreed that we should adopt Mith's Featured Article criteria.
#4 Amroth Should we have different game articles for different consoles. Like wikipedia has with LOTR:T3A for the GBA and the consoles. It was agreed that game articles should be diffused by console, but only if the games differ radically.
#5 KingAragorn Meeting adjournment. N/A