Trolls of the Misty Mountains

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Trolls of the Misty Mountains
Merp trolls.jpg
AuthorJohn Cresswell, Mike Cresswell
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises
ICE stock no.8103

Trolls of the Misty Mountains is a module (in the Ready-to-Run Adventure-series) for Middle-earth Role Playing, 1st Edition.

Reception[edit | edit source]

In a review of Trolls of the Misty Mountains in White Dwarf magazine, Graham Staplehurst remarked that the adventures have some interesting twists and characters, but that the "language and ideas get somewhat childish" and that the description of the setting (including maps) is a bit confusing. In conclusion Staplehurst says that "the module slips a little from the excellent standards previously set by ICE."[1]

Cover/Jacket Text[edit | edit source]

Three low-to-mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes.

The southern edge of the East-wood is no longer peaceful. Marauding Trolls have brought unrelenting terror to the area. A small community of Dwarves has been wiped out ... eaten. Are you stalwart enough to face the intruders in the Adventure at Duildin Hill?

Two border keeps sit isolated in this area of the East-wood. The proposed path between these strongholds passes through Orc and Troll infested territory. Can you survive the Adventures at the Village of Garkash?

Well concealed within the East-wood lies a dangerous gorge. Rumors have placed an ancient and powerful artifact within this pit. Many have preceded you in search of the heirloom. Will you risk the Adventure of Maes Fao?


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