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The name Mines of Moria refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The Mines of Moria (disambiguation).
The Lord of the Rings Online- Mines of Moria.jpg
The Lord of the Rings Online:
Mines of Moria
Video game
DeveloperTurbine, Inc
PublisherTurbine, Inc
Midway Games
NHN Corporation (South Korea)[1]
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
Release dateNovember 18, 2008
The Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria


[edit] Storyline

Main article: Mines of Moria (volume)

[edit] New Gameplay Features

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[edit] New Regions

[edit] Instances and Raids

[edit] Free Updates

Mines of Moria included Vol. II books 1 through 6 of the epic quest line. Like Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria continued to regularly release updates. Updates were less frequent than Shadows of Angmar.

[edit] Book 7: Leaves of Lórien

The Lord of the Rings Online - Leaves of Lórien.png
Book 7 was released on 17 March 2009. This update included:
  • Continuation of the Epic Storyline in Book 7, Leaves of Lórien.[2]
  • Expansion of the Lothlórien Area, including Caras Galadhon.[2]
  • A new raid, named Strange Happenings, has been added.[2]
  • The Galadhrim are added as a new reputation faction.[2]
  • Crafting instances enable players to gather resources.[2]
  • The Ered Luin Introduction and, on lesser scale, the Bree-land Introduction are revamped.[2]
  • Several new Monster Play emotes are added.[2]

[edit] Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum

The Lord of the Rings Online - Scourge of Khazad-Dûm.png
Book 8 was released on June 23, 2009. This update included:
  • Book 8, Scourge of Khazad-dûm, continues the epic story.[3]
  • A radiance-gated multi-boss, 12-man raid - named Dar Narbugud is added.[3]
  • One 6-man instance is added: The Halls of Crafting.[3]
  • Two 3-man instances are added:
  • Continuation of the revamp of the Bree-land Introduction.[3]
  • The Crafting system has been revived.[3]

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