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The name The Lord of the Rings refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The Lord of the Rings (disambiguation).
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The Lord of the Rings Online
Video game
DeveloperTurbine, Inc
PublisherTurbine, Inc (North America and Europe)
Midway Games
Codemasters (Europe, untill 2010)
IT Territory (Russia)[1]
NHN Corporation (South Korea)[1]
Sakura Internet (Japan, untill 2009)[2][3]
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
Release dateApril 24, 2007

The Lord of the Rings Online


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The inside of a house in The Lord of the Rings Online.


After reaching level 15, the player is able to buy a personal or kinship house. There are four homesteads for every race.. Every homestead has its own distinctive architecture and environment based on the racial base of the area. Homesteads are divided in 250 instanced neighborhoods, each with thirty houses (4 kinship houses, 10 deluxe personal houses and 16 standard personal houses). Besides houses, every homestead also has a local gathering area - where players can organise meetings and events -, a Vault-keeper and several vendors. Players can only possess one house per server, which is shared by al the characters. Houses can be visited - if allowed by the owner - by other players aswell. Prices and upkeep vary, depending on the house sort. If the player fails to pay the weekly upkeep, the house is locked for the player untill he pays the rent.

Players can customize and decorate their houses and yard. These decorations can be archieved through crafting, shops and finishing certain quests. Decorations vary from paintings and trophies to furniture and trees. The number of decorations that can be placed in a house depends on the house type: in standard houses contain the least possible number of decorations, whilst kinship houses cost the most. Each house also includes a mailbox. This system has often been compared to The Sims.

A house in the Bree-land Homestead.

Kinship leaders can - as soon as their kinship is three months old and has reached rank 7 - buy a kinship house. Kinship houses function as gathering halls for kinship meetings, events and other social activities. Kinship leader can grant other members the permission to decorate the house and pay a share of the upkeep.

Each house also includes a housing storage, consisting of up to eight chests. The housing storage functions as a shared storage for all the player's characters that have access to the house. Housing storage in kinship houses is open to all the members of the kinship. Players can quickly travel from and to homesteads by nearby stable-masters or swift-travel to their houses from any point in the game by the Travel to Personal House skill.




Middle-earth Online[edit]

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Shadows of Angmar[edit]

Free updates[edit]

Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood[edit]


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American servers[edit]

All American servers are hosted by Turbine.

European servers[edit]

The European servers were originally created and hosted by Codemasters, but on 1 June 2011 Lotro Europe was taken over by Turbine, who currently host the European servers.[4]

English servers[edit]

Role-playing servers:

French servers[edit]

Role-playing servers:

German servers[edit]

Role-playing servers:

Russian servers[edit]

All Russian servers are hosted by IT Territory.

Role-playing servers:


The majority of the dialog in the game is textually based, but there are some characters with spoken dialog. There are also some characters that will speak a line or two of the dialog, but the rest of the dialog will be text.

Role Actor
Gandalf Harry Chase
Sandar / Chef Vraz / Warg Rider Goblin Mike Vaughn
Additional Voices Brian Talbot
Additional Voices Neil Kaplan





Since 2006, Turbine has periodically released trailers demonstrating various aspects of the gameplay and revealing the characters and locations. All video links are to YouTube, and times are in minutes:

VideoLengthRelease DateDescription
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (trailer)1:0515 December 2006
The Lord of the Rings Onilne - Official Trailer 11:3629 January 2007First official trailer of LOTRO; coverage of major charactors and action shots
LOTRO European TV Commercial0:3210 April 2007European TV commercial, featuring several real-life persons taking up LOTRO-themed weapons
The Lord of the Rings Online Trailer2:2318 June 2007Cinematic trailer; exploration of the storyline and the Witch-king, the game's primary antagonist
Lord of the Rings Online - E3 Trailer1:20Trailer shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo; coverage of major characters and locations
The Lord of the Rings Online - Shores of Evendim1:37Summer 2007Trailer of Book 9: Shores of Evendim, the game's first free update; exploration of Annúminas and Evendim, the new region
Developer Diary: Continuing Content1:20Developer Diary shown at Entertainment Expo. Jeffrey Steefel speaks about the addition of free content and the new region of Evendim
The Lord of the Rings Online - The City of Kings2:0022 August 2007Trailer of Book 10: The City of Kings; exploration of Annúminas
The Lord of the Rings Online - Book 121:4321 August 2008Teaser trailer of Book 12: The Ashen Wastes
LOTRO: Shadows of Angmar Cinematic Trailer1:011 October 2009Trailer featuring blurbs from reviews and fragments of the 2007 cinematic trailer
The Lord of the Rings Online | Trailer (2010)1:326 September 2010New Free-to-Player trailer, featuring fragments from previous trailers

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  1. Unlike the other European servers, Withywindle was created in 2010 after The Lord of the Rings Online went free-to-play.


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