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"Annúminas" by Ted Nasmith
General Information
LocationEriador, southern shores of Lake Nenuial
People and History
CreatedS.A. 3320
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Annúminas was the city of the Kings of Arnor before the capital of the North Kingdom was relocated to Fornost Erain. The city lay on the south-east shore of Lake Nenuial, near the source of the Baranduin river. To the south and west of Annúminas rose the Hills of Evendim.[1]


The city was founded by Elendil in S.A. 3320 shortly after his arrival in Lindon following the destruction of Númenor.[2] With the establishment of Arnor the city became the capital of the realm for several centuries; and was home to the Annúminas-stone, one of the three palantíri of the North-Kingdom,[3] and the Sceptre of Annúminas, originally the rod of office of the Númenórean Lords of Andúnië, the heirloom of and symbol of kingship in Arnor.[4]

Due to losses in the war against Sauron and the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, the number of the Dúnedain of Arnor began to dwindle, until eventually Annúminas was deserted and Fornost Erain became the capital.[5][note 1] After T.A. 861 the ruins of Annúminas belonged to the petty Arnorian successor kingdom of Arthedain.

The two relics which had been housed in Annúminas survived the city: The palantír remained for more than a millennium after the loss of its city, but was ultimately drowned with Arvedui in the cold northern seas.[4] The silver Sceptre of Annúminas would have been removed to Fornost by the Kings, and eventually came to be kept by Elrond in Rivendell.[6]

At the time of the coronation of King Elessar at the end of the Third Age Annúminas had lain in ruins for more than two thousand years. Yet Aragorn soon set his mind to preparing a place to stay in the ancient city. Aragorn sometimes came North to his house in Annúminas restored and stayed for a while beside Lake Evendim, and when that happened everyone in the Shire was said to be glad.[4]


The name Annúminas is Sindarin from annún ("west") and minas ("tower"): "Tower of the West".[7]

Other versions of the legendarium

Early names for Annúminas were Tarkilmar[8], or Westermanton. Torfirion is an Elvish name appearing in the The 1943 Map of The Lord of the Rings and on the western part of the The First Map of The Lord of the Rings.

Portrayal in adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

A view of Annúminas in The Lord of the Rings Online
The city of Annúminas is available for exploration and adventuring in its entirety. It is partially submerged in the waters of the lake and is overrun by servants of Angmar, who invaded the city looking for instructions to operate its palantír. A group of the Dúnedain of the North, calling themselves Wardens of Annuminas, strives to preserve the ancient city of their ancestors and its rich history, taking fight against Angmar forces, Tomb-Robbers seeking to plunder ancient relics and even the forces of nature itself when necessary. The city is situated on the hill slope and as such is presented as a multi-levelled place akin to Minas Tirith: travellers are constantly going either uphill or downhill to reach their destination. Inside the city are several market places, living quarters, pools, gardens and other artefacts of everyday life. At the highest point is the King's Seat of power - the chamber of Ost Elendil. To the east of the city lies the Way of Kings - a row of tombs where Kings of Arnor reside, including a ceremonial Tomb of Elendil, where some of his belongings are buried in memory of the city's founder.
The ruins of Annúminas on ArdaCraft

2017: ArdaCraft:

As part of their effort to re-create all of Middle-earth, ArdaCraft built Annúminas in the late Third Age, long after it had been abandoned. It drew inspiration from Roman, Byzantine and Babylonian ruins.


  1. Robert Foster, in The Complete Guide to Middle-earth, suggested that the city was deserted sometime between T.A. 250 and 861. The latter date is when the kingdom of Arnor fractured into three separate successor kingdoms.