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Silvan Elf
"Nimrodel" by Līga Kļaviņa
Biographical Information
Deathc. T.A. 1981
SpouseAmroth (betrothed)
Physical Description
Hair colorPossibly golden[1]
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Nimrodel was an Elf-maid of Lothlórien, beloved of Amroth. She travelled into the southern lands of Middle-earth and became lost in the White Mountains about T.A. 1981.


Nimrodel had lived in Lothlórien since well before the Sindar and Noldor came. She was unhappy with the newcomers, as she thought they would bring the turmoils of Middle-earth to the golden forest. She lived separately near the river that would later bear her name, and spoke only her native tongue.

The only good thing she saw in Lórien was the Sinda Amroth, the King of the wood. She loved him, and he her, but refused to marry him. After the Balrog awoke in nearby Khazad-dûm in T.A. 1980, Nimrodel grew even uneasier in Lórien. She fled, and made her way to the edge of Fangorn Forest, but could not enter it.

Amroth found her, and promised her peace. Together they would travel to Edhellond, the port city in Belfalas, and thence set sail to the Undying Lands. They were accompanied by a small staff of Silvan Elves, including Mithrellas. All went well until they reached the White Mountains. The group became separated, and Amroth reached Edhellond well before the others. He decided to wait for his love aboard their ship.

When a storm broke loose and swept the ship out of port, Amroth leaped overboard, hoping to swim back to shore. But he was quickly taken by Belegaer's strong currents and drowned.

Nimrodel, in the meantime, had settled for a while at the river Gilrain, which reminded her of her home. She sat by the starlit stream and fell in a long deep sleep. After she woke, she journeyed further, but found no ship in Edhellond, and Amroth was long gone. Whatever she did after was lost to time.


Nimrodel means "Lady of the White Grotto".[2]


d. S.A. 3434
d. T.A. 1981
fl. T.A. 1981

Portrayal in adaptations

Nimrodel in The Lord of the Rings Online

2015: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Nimrodel was put into her deep sleep by the River-maiden of Gladden and had slept for many seasons before she awoke. After learning the fate of her beloved Amroth, Nimrodel mourned him ever, never venturing far from the Bay in which he was lost and never taking off her mourning veil. Forgoing her name of old, she became known as Dorthaneth and eventually became the leader of "Avorrim", a small elven community lingering near and keeping watch over the now-abandoned Edhellond. In the years before the War of the Ring she visited Dol Amroth and became a close friend of Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil. After the War, Queen Arwen helps Dorthaneth to deal with her grief, causing her to lift her veil and become Nimrodel once again.

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