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Hello. I love Lord of the Rings. I'm 15 years-old, and have read LOTR multiple times. I first got interested in Tolkien's works when my parents showed me the first movie of Peter Jackson's trilogy, and once I'd seen all 3 movies, I decided to give the novel a chance and I loved it. I have read the novel several times, and have yet to read it again.

One can easily tell by my username that my favorite character is Arwen, although I love everyone else just the same. I personally loved how the movies featured her as a prominent character, as she was rarely present in the book. The one thing I hated in the movies (Return of the King to be more specific) was how they totally ruined Sam and Frodo's friendship by having Frodo turn on Sam. The changes they made to Faramir's character, however, I didn't really mind. My favorite movie of the trilogy is Return of the King, as it is (in my opinion) the heart and soul of the series.

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