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Dan Koehl
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LocationLjusterö, Sweden
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I'm Dan and I'm a tolkienist from Sweden, and a new member of this website and community.

I have a particulair interest in Tolkien genealogies and a possible creation of a Tolkien Gateway Genealogy Project.

About Me[edit]

Formerly working as shepherd, elephant trainer and freelancing consultant for Zoos and Circuses in ten countries and three continents for over 40 years, I am now more into documenting captive elephants, their genealogy, and the dying culture of classical animal training on my website which has developed into the world largest elephant database in the world. I also like aquariums, and Im chairman in SARF, the Swedish national Umbrella organization for aquarium fish societies. I guess animals, Zoology and Linnean Taxonomy led me into a keen interest of classification.

I have been a member of the different Wikimeda websites and communities for over fifteen years with a total contribution of almost 175 000 edits, patroller on English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and admin on Swedish Wikivoyage and Wikispecies, a comprehensive free content catalogue of all species. I have a lot of experience with AutoWikiBrowser (often abbreviated AWB), a semi-automated MediaWiki editor designed to make tedious or repetitive editing tasks quicker and easier and also some experience with bots.

I enjoy learning about Scandinavian history and reading prime sources like Tacitus, Jordanes and Icelandic sagas.

I'm also a fan of travelling, and lived for several years abroad in Austria, Cambodia, Germany and Zimbabwe.