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  • [[Helge Kåre Fauskanger|Helge Fauskanger]] has suggested that the word (and its meaning) could be valid [[Neo-Elvish|Neo-Quenya]].<ref>[[Helge Fauskanger]], "[ English-Quenya Wordlist (Quettaparma Quenyanna)]" at [ Ardalambion] (accessed 25 June 2011)</ref>
  • <ref>[[Helge Fauskanger]], "[ ''Parviphith Edhellen'': Sindarin Wordlist]" at [ Ardalambion] (accessed 9 December 2011)</ref>
  • [[Helge Fauskanger]] has suggested the form ''úvë'', to conform with the spelling of Quenya used in ''[[The Lord of the Rings]]''.<ref>{{webcite|author=[[Helge Fauskanger]]|articleurl=|articlename=English-Quenya Wordlist (Quettaparma Quenyanna)|dated=|website=Arda|accessed=25 June 2011}}</ref>
  • [[Didier Willis]] has suggested that ''..'' (retaining the same meaning) could be valid [[Neo-Elvish|Neo-Sindarin]].<ref name=DW>{{webcite|author=[[Didier Willis]]|articleurl=|articlename=Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary|dated=|website=[]|accessed=19 March 2012}}</ref>
  • <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Compound Sindarin Names in Middle-earth|dated=|website=[]|accessed=}}</ref>
  • <ref>David Giraudeau, "[ ''Parma Eldalamberon'' 17: Sindarin Corpus]" (p. x) at [ Lambenórë] (accessed 14 July 2011)</ref>
  • <ref>{{webcite|author=[[Christina Scull]], [[Wayne G. Hammond]]|articleurl=|articlename=Addenda and Corrigenda to ''The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide'' (2006) Vol. 1: Chronology|dated=|website=HS|accessed=}}</ref>


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