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I've been a fan of the world of Middle-earth ever since I first read The Hobbit when I was seven years old. I've been reading The Lord of the Rings ever summer since high school. Although I enjoyed the books I didn't really study them very closely until Peter Jackson's movies came out. It was about the time that I first read The Silmarillion.

I'm also a huge video gamer. I've always been a fan of puzzles and trying to solve problems. I didn't really get into gaming until Zelda for the NES came out. I use to compete against other players for fun and in competitions with prize monies involved. Yet, after college, I haven't had the time to game regularly enough to be competitive and now I just do it for the joy of it.

I have played some Lord of the Rings video game titles, but not many of them impressed me much at all. The one exception is The Lord of the Rings Online. I played it about six weeks after it was released and haven't stopped since. Through my love of the video game I picked up The History of Middle-earth volumes.

My interest in Tolkien Gateway is to talk about how The Lord of the Rings Online relates to the lore of Middle-earth.

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