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Other namesCellindir (S)
LanguageDutch, British English, German, Latin, Neo-Elvish, deutero-Khuzdul
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Talk pageQuirinius
"Do you forget to whom you speak? Such things you spoke long ago to our fathers; but we escaped from your shadow. And now we have knowledge of you, for we have looked on the faces that have seen the Light, and heard the voices that have spoken with Manwë."
Húrin Thalion to Morgoth in The Children of Húrin, "The Words of Húrin and Morgoth"

About me[edit]

My name is Peter and I am a passionate fan of Arcastar's Legendarium from the Netherlands. My username Quirinius is the Latin version of my surname, and I had chosen this username, for my real surname seems to be adapted from said Latin nomen gentilicum.

I am an active member of Unquendor, the Dutch Tolkien Society, and a (Vinya) Lambengolmo, interested in Tolkienian linguistics, having studied (neo-)Quenya, (neo-)Sindarin and The Dwarrow Scholar's deutero-Khuzdul, and everything regarding the Legendarium, but primarily the First Age Edain and their descendants, the Númenóreans and Third Age Dúnedain, as well as the Drúedain.

My non-Tolkienian interests are psychology, linguistics, history and music. I am an avid reader, absolutely devouring books on those aforementioned topics, but also epics, such as Shahnameh and Aeneid.

You can contact me via Discord (my username is Quirinius#9957) or on my talk page.

Other names[edit]

The name Cellindir means "Man of the Flowing Music," and it consists of the root KEL ("flow (down)"), lind ("song, music"), and (n)dîr ("man"). I had chosen it to signify my passion for music.