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He was swiftly being driven mad by the chapter summaries of the Silmarillion much like Fëanor, who was himself a wiki editor in the days of the Trees (I'm sure that's in one of the letters, probably 131)...

[edit] Current Projects

  • Hope to finish adding chapter summaries to the Silmarillion pages
  • Generally hoping to address things on the To-do page
  • Getting more involved with the Wiki in general

[edit] Future Projects

  • Possibly expand summaries for Unfinished Tales and certain parts of HOME
  • Nature of Middle Earth
  • Finding the letter where Tolkien says Balrogs have wings (I know it's in letter 131 somewhere...)


[edit] Sandbox

The northwest regions of Middle-earth were known as Beleriand. This was the realm to the east of the Blue Mountains and Eriador.

In the days before the awakening of the Elves, Morgoth had built the great fortress of Utunmo, but this was overthrown by the Valar. Yet he escaped and came back to Middle-earth, where he remade a second fortress called Angband. This was covered by three mighty pillars of slag called Thangorodrim. Morgoth delved great tunnels and pits into the earth. And there his evil things dwelt and his armies grew.

To the west of Angband was the realm of Hithlum, or Hísilóme the land of Mist in Quenya, for it was called this due to the great smoke Morgoth created when the Noldor first came to Beleriand. This was ruled by Fingolfin. His son Fingon received the rule of Dor-lómin. The region became known for its horses and cavalry.

To the west of Hithulm was the land of Nevrast, ruled by the other son of Fingolfin named Turgon. This was a land circled by mountains and hills. The land itself was wet and had many marshes. Turgon's halls were in Vinyamar.

To the south of Ard-galen was the highland of Dorthonion, a land of forests ruled by Angrod and Aegnor, two brothers of Finrod Felagund who served as his vassals. The tower of Minas Tirith, manned by Finrod's last brother Orodreth, was between Dorthonion and the Shadowy Mountains.

Beleriand itself was a land criss-crossed by rivers such as the Narog, but the greatest river was the Sirion, which ran down the length of Beleriand and cut it into eastern and western halves. Finrod became the ruler of all elves on the western half except for the elves of the Falas, who were led by Círdan. But both he and Finrod were allies, and together they built havens in Brithombar and Eglarest. Yet Fingolfin was the high king of the Noldor and the greatest enemy of Morgoth.

On the eastern half of Beleriand, Thingol was the mightiest elf-lord, ruling the realm of Doriath. On his northern border was the horrible Nan Dungortheb where evil spiders dwelt. Doriath extended from Sirion in the west border to the river Aros in the south and east.