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Good points[edit source]

I agree with the bits about it being too one-sided with info we already know. And the part you said about it being too heavy with celebrities is also true. I did want to see more QUALITY fan interviews--they seemed to be all about really mundane things that we really know already. I mean, if i were to explain why i loved LotR so much i would also go with Tolkien and his backstory of why he wrote it and why we NEED an uplifting story about good versus bad in this world. It was kind of repetitious about stuff we already know which was kind of like "selling LotR" for us again and i didn't like that part of it at all. You have some solid points but i did enjoy the documentary as a whole and was really happy with it. It has its shortcomings but it's still good to see other fans obsess about LotR as much as i do.... I'll write more when i read your whole review--i like what i see in the first half though so thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comments :) I do think I was harsher than I should have been and I'll probably rewrite it to reflect my views on it after an extended period of time which I probably should have done. But I just saw quite a few 'wow this is great' reviews of the film and I wanted to make sure the hardcore fans out there didn't go in expecting too much. I for one would rather read bad reviews and enjoy the film than read all positive reviews and be disappointed. I think if someone goes into the film expecting something that focuses on the history of The Lord of the Rings and the culture around it, they will enjoy the movie. Hopefully when (certainly not if!) The Hobbit is released we'll get a film more oriented around the fans. Thanks again for the comments. --Hyarion 02:00, 4 December 2005 (EST)