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"Tuor is Led by the Swans to Vinyamar" by Ted Nasmith
General Information
LocationTaras-ness, Nevrast
DescriptionCity on the slopes of Mount Taras
People and History
InhabitantsNoldor of Turgon
CreatedBefore F.A. 50[1]
EventsAbandoned (F.A. 116)
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Vinyamar (Q, pron. [ˈvinjamar]) was a settlement built by Turgon at Taras-ness in Nevrast, on the slopes of Mount Taras,[2] early in the Exile of the Noldor. It was perched upon high terraces that looked towards the sea. It was never visited by the servants of Morgoth but after its abandonment it became weathered. Turgon's great hall had its walls and roof covered with a deep growth of plants.[3]


Vinyamar was the first recorded Noldor stone construction after they had returned to Middle-earth.[3] Vinyamar's population was primarily Noldorin, with a large influx of Sindarin elves.

In F.A. 50[4] Turgon and Finrod took a journey along the river Sirion. At the Meres of Twilight they slept and both received a dream from Ulmo, bidding them to seek places of strength.[5] Two years later[6] Turgon discovered the hidden way and vale of Tumladen wherein he determined to build Gondolin. In F.A. 64 Turgon led a third of his people to the valley to begin construction of his hidden city.[7] By F.A. 116 Gondolin was full-wrought and Turgon led the remainder of his folk to the city; from then on Vinyamar was abandoned and fell into decay.[8]

Much later, in F.A. 495, Tuor came to the deserted settlement. Marvelling, he entered Turgon's old hall and on a wall, lit by the setting sun, he found a shield, hauberk, helm, and sword. The shield bore a field of blue and a white swan's wing. Tuor took these items and wore them. In the meantime, Voronwë was rescued by Ulmo from a shipwreck and was brought near the city; when the two met, they left Vinyamar together for a journey that led to Gondolin.[3]


The name is Quenya for "New Home" from vinya "young, new" and már "house, home, dwelling".[9]