Weathertop 5

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Weathertop 5
Weathertop 5 cover.jpg
EditorDenis Bridoux
IllustratorKay Woollard (art editor)
PublisherAmon Sûl Smial
ReleasedAutumn 1987
Followed byNone

Weathertop 5 is the fifth and last issue of the Amon Sûl Smial's journal Weathertop.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Cover art by Kay Woollard
    Cover central design by Kay Woollard
  • Contents
    • art by Kay Woollard
  • Editorial
    • art by Kay Woollard
  • "Belladonna" by Belladonna, Parts 3 & 4
  • "The Úlairi, a Linguistico-philosophical Ramble" by Denis Bridoux
  • The Wilmot Cartoon, by Dora B.
  • Colouring Page by Kay Woollard
  • "The Eärhínion" by Denis Bridoux
    • art by Lynn Close, and p. 24 by John Lockwood
  • Book Review by Denis Bridoux