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Vera Chapman
Biographical information
Born8 May, 1898
Died14 May, 1996
LocationUnited Kingdom

Vera Ivy May Chapman (née Fogerty) (8 May, 1898- 14 May, 1996, aged 98) was the founder of The Tolkien Society, known by her pseudonym "Belladonna Took". She is also the author of various pseudo-historical and Arthurian books.

She was born in Bournemouth and lived in South Africa, until she went to Oxford. She studied at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. She founded The Tolkien Society of which she was secretary, and persuaded J.R.R. Tolkien to become the Society's honorary president. She wrote her first novel in 1975 and continued writing until her death in 1996.

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Vera Chapman
Position created
Acting Chairman of The Tolkien Society
29 January 1970 - 20 November 1970
Followed by:
Keith Bridges