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Shaun Gunner

Shaun Gunner
Biographical information
Born4 March, 1988[1]
EducationUniversity of Sussex[2]
OccupationChair of The Tolkien Society
Engagement Consultant[2]
LocationRustington, United Kingdom[3]

Shaun Gunner is the tenth and current Chair of The Tolkien Society.[4] He is also the Society's publicity officer, and was the Deputy Chair of The Return of the Ring: Celebrating Tolkien in 2012.[5] He is an administrator (User:Mith) of the Tolkien Gateway website, and an advisor and assistant to Emil Johansson's The Lord of the Rings Project.[6] He has also contributed to the journals Amon Hen, Hither Shore, and Mallorn.

Gunner is a politics graduate and lives in Rustington, Sussex.[4][7]

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Shaun Gunner
Preceded by:
Sally Kennett
Chair of The Tolkien Society
21 April 2013 - present