Amon Hen 272

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Amon Hen 272
EditorAndrew Butler
Cover artistEric R. Muller
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterHorsham Press, Horsham, UK
ReleasedJuly 2018
FormatA5 stapled paperback, glossy
Preceded byAmon Hen 271
Followed byAmon Hen 273

Amon Hen 272 is the two-hundred-and-seventy-second issue of the The Tolkien Society's bimonthly journal Amon Hen, published in July 2018.


  • Cover: Gandalf
    • By: Eric R. Muller
  • Editorial
  • Contents
  • Chair's Message
  • Dates for Your Diary 2018
    • By: Ian Collier
  • Announcements
  • All Brân
    • By: Ian Spittlehouse
  • Rhona Beare: A Memoir
    • By: Jessica Yates
  • Obituary: Robert Murray SJ
  • A Hobbit Hole Adventure
    • By: Alan Baxter
  • The Road to Hove
    • By: Mick Henry
  • Report: Tolkien and the literature of the Fourth Age
    • By: Leonardo Mantovani, Valérie Morisi, Simone Ronchi and Tom Shippey
  • Letters
  • I'm Sorry, Mr. Jackson, I am Not Real
    • By: Holly M. Lynn
  • Of Maps and Cartography
    • By: Denis Bridoux
  • News From Fangorn
    • By: Carol Brownlow
  • Mathom
    • By: Jan Boom
  • Michael's Miscellany
    • By: Michael Flowers
  • Additional Decorative Artwork
    • By: Steve Lines
  • Committee
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