Songs of Sorrow and Hope

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Songs of Sorrow and Hope: The Art of Jenny Dolfen
Songs of Sorrow and Hope.jpg
AuthorJenny Dolfen
Foreword byShaun Gunner
IllustratorJenny Dolfen
PublisherOloris Publishing (softcover); Etsy (hardcover)
Released1 September 2016
FormatSoftcover; Hardcover

Songs of Sorrow and Hope: The Art of Jenny Dolfen is a book from 2016 containing artworks by Jenny Dolfen. Several illustrations portray scenes from Tolkien's legendarium. The book includes a Foreword by Shaun Gunner.

From the publisher[edit]

Songs of Sorrow and Hope: The Art of Jenny Dolfen is a rich, visual journey that celebrates over a decade of work by renowned German fantasy artist, Jenny Dolfen.

In a showcase of more than fifty illustrations, this book guides fantasy fans and art enthusiasts alike through an exploration of Jenny's artistic output, accompanied by narratives, reflections and insights from the artist herself.

Jenny Dolfen is known for bringing to life characters from Celtic fantasy, the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien, and traditional folk tales. Working in traditional media such as watercolours and pencil, combined with digital media, her flowing artistic style reflects a blending of such influences as the Art Nouveau movement, the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, and the aesthetics of contemporary graphic novel illustration.

About the Artist

Jenny Dolfen is a freelance illustrator and a teacher of Latin and English currently living in Western Germany with her husband and two children. She currently blogs about her artwork at Jenny’s Sketchbook.

She has also published her own illustrated novel on the Battle of Cannae, Darkness Over Cannae, a re-imagination of the battle between Hannibal and the Romans.

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