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Belladonna's Broadsheet

Belladonna's Broadsheet was the first publication of The Tolkien Society. It was named after its editor (and founder of the Society), Vera Chapman, who adopted the name "Belladonna Took" as her Middle-earth alias.[1]

[edit] Issues

[edit] Belladonna's Broadsheet 1

Published: December 1969

In the same month as the Society's 'preliminary meeting', Chapman produced a stencilled A4 newsletter and announced the beginning of the Tolkien Society.

Here [...] begins THE TOLKIEN SOCIETY OF BRITAIN - its exact name may call for some more decision.
Vera Chapman

[edit] Belladonna's Broadsheet 2

Published: March 1970

Upon Joy Hill's suggestion, Chapman wrote a letter to Tolkien in which she enclosed a copy of the Belladonna's Broadsheet 2.

[edit] Belladonna's Broadsheet 3

Published: June 1970

Chapman announced that this would be the last issue and that it would be replaced by "The Mallorn".


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