Mallorn 9

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Mallorn 9
Mallorn 9.png
EditorJon S. Simons
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
Preceded byMallorn 8
Followed byMallorn 10

Mallorn 9 is the ninth issue of the Tolkien Society's journal Mallorn, published in 1975.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Editorial
  • Notes
    • The Elven Hymn to Elbereth
      • By: Neil McLeod
    • Two Letters to the Society
    • The Geology of Middle Earth
      • By: Roger Mason
    • Tolkien's Walk
    • Letter to Norman Power
    • The Mystic Initiations of Gandalf
      • Author unknown
    • A Marxist Looks at Middle Earth, or, the Political Economy of the Shire
      • Author unknown
    • A Note on the Population and Settlement of Bree
      • By: Edward Crawford
    • The Men of Bree-Land
      • By: Terry Jones
  • Creative
    • Grand Competition (crossword puzzle) Result
      • By: Janet K. Gibbs
    • The Lament of Legolas (Lir Legolas)
      • By: Neil MacLeod
    • The Song of Oscar
      • By: Anne of Briar Ditch (Anne Etkin)
    • Ballade of a Vain Regret
      • By: Anne of Briar Ditch (Anne Etkin)
    • Tolkien Alphabet
    • A Dwarf Wives' Tale
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