Weathertop 4

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Weathertop 4
Weathertop 4 cover.jpg
EditorDenis Bridoux
IllustratorKay Woollard (art editor)
PublisherAmon Sûl Smial
ReleasedAutumn 1986
Followed byWeathertop 5

Weathertop 4 is the third issue of the Amon Sûl Smial's journal Weathertop.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Cover art by Kay Woollard
    Cover central design by Debra Haigh-Hutchinson
  • Contents
    • art by Debra Haigh-Hutchinson
  • Editorial
  • "The lays of Beleriand", review
  • "Belladonna" by Belladonna, Part 2
  • "Wilmot Jumper" by Debra Haigh-Hutchinson
  • "Dragon", art by Debra Haigh-Hutchinson
  • "The Lay of Éowyn" by Valerie Sutton
    • art by Liz Elsegood
  • Book Review by Denis Bridoux
    • art by Dora B.
  • "Postie's Bane", a Wilmot cartoon, by Dora B.
  • "Of Falassien, daughter of Olwë" by Denis Bridoux
    • art by Kay Woollard, and P. 30 by Debra Haigh-Hutchinson