Mallorn 3

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Mallorn 3
EditorSteven Thomson
Cover artistA.R. Fallone
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterHartley Patterson
Preceded byMallorn 2
Followed byMallorn 4

Mallorn 3 is the third issue of the Tolkien Society's journal Mallorn, published in 1971.


  • Editorial
    • Editorial
      • By Steven Thomson
    • Letters to the Editor
      • By Archie Mercer, Dave Weldrake, John Abbott, J.D. Collins, David Pearson, Rosemary Pardoe, Audrey Walton, Hartley Patterson, James Ead, and A.R. Fallone
    • Belladonna's Postbag
      • By Belladonna Took (Vera Chapman), J.D. Collins, Michael Scott Rohan, James Ead, and Steve Thomson
  • Notes
    • Some Comparisons
      • By J.D. Collins
    • J.R.R. Tolkien: A Bibliography
      • By John B. Abbott
    • Honey Beer (beer recipe)
      • Ian Shaw
    • The Religion of a Hobbit
    • Hippy vs. Hobbit
    • Some Thoughts on Hippies and Hobbits
      • By Bob Borsley
  • Creative
    • Wyng√©ar (poem)
      • By James Ead
    • Wise Men on Jersey (joke)
      • By Graham England
  • Illustrations
    • By Brian Talbot and John B. Abbott
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