Woods of Núath

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Woods of Núath
General Information
Other namesNúath[1]
LocationBetween Rivers Nenning and Narog along the edge of the Ered Wethrin

The Woods of Núath was a wooded area extending westward from the upper waters of the river Narog.[2]


The Woods of Núath was a wooded area in the north of Beleriand.[note 1] It was bordered in the west by the hills lying north-west in West Beleriand south of the Ered Wethrin, and in the east by Eithel Ivrin, the source of Narog. The river Ginglith began in it.[3]

When Voronwë led Túor eastward to go to Gondolin they passed through the Woods of Núath. The journey was through bitter winds and took weeks to accomplish.[4]


  1. Because the woods do not appear in the published The Silmarillion, they were left off the map of Beleriand. The name does appear in the map provided in The Children of Húrin.