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Yestarë, meaning "First-day", was the name used in the Elves' calendars, and those derived from them, for the first day of the year. It was the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It fell outside the months.

The actual date of yestarë varied among calendars; in some it came near the vernal equinox, such as in the Reckoning of Rivendell (more or less March 29) and the New Reckoning (approximately March 17);[1] in other calendars it fell at the winter solstice, such as in the Kings' Reckoning and Stewards' Reckoning.[1]

In the Reckoning of Rivendell, Yestarë fell more or less on 6 April of the Shire Calendar.[2]


Calendar of Imladris
Meaning: 'First Day' 'Spring' 'Summer' 'Autumn' 'Middle Days' 'Fading' 'Winter' 'Stirring' 'Last Day'
Quenya: Yestarë Tuilë Lairë Yávië Enderi Quellë Hrívë Coirë Mettarë
Sindarin: Ethuil Laer Iavas Firith Rhîw Echuir