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The Yuledays or Yule-tide were the midwinter festival days that marked the end of one year and the beginning of the next. They were celebrated in the Shire[1], but also by the Northmen of Rhovanion and Gondor; the word "Yule" was recognisable in Gondor as a 'northern name' for the midwinter festival.[2]

After the Battle of the Five Armies, Beorn summoned many Northmern to his home to feast. Bilbo and Gandalf were also there, on their way to the Shire and passed the Yule-tide (T.A. 29412942).[3]

In the Shire Calendar there was a six-day Yuletide festival (29 Foreyule to 2 Afteryule); at their center were the two Yule-days that fell outside the formal 'months' of the calendar, between Foreyule and Afteryule.[1]

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