Óswine (Prince of Gwar)

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This article is about the Prince of Gwar. For the grandfather of Ælfwine, see Óswine.
Biographical Information
TitlesPrince of Gwar
LocationKortirion (Lúthien)
LanguageOld English
Physical Description

Óswine, the Prince of Gwar, was the ruler of the city of Kortirion[note 1][1] in Lúthien (i.e. England), according to the early version of the legendarium in the text called Ælfwine of England from The Book of Lost Tales.[2]


Óswine was a "lover of songs", and was friendly to the Elves that still remained in Lúthien, congregating mostly in the lands surrounding Kortirion, called Alalminórë or the "Land of Elms". In his city also dwelt Ælfwine, who would later discover Tol Eressëa, as well as his parents, the minstrel Déor and Éadgifu of Lionesse.

He was killed during the siege of Kortirion by the fierce people called the Forodwaith (that is, the Vikings).[2]


The name Óswine is in Old English, consisting of the elements ós ("god") + wine ("friend").[3]

For the explanation of the name Gwar in Óswine's title, Prince of Gwar, see: Kortirion#Etymology and names.


  1. Kortirion was the Elvish name of the town of Warwick.