Adrahil (Captain of the Left Wing)

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"The wise will stay here and hope to rebuild our town..." — Master of Lake-town
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This article is about the Captain of the Left Wing in T.A. 1944. For the father of Imrahil, see Adrahil.
Biographical Information
TitlesCaptain of the Left Wing[1]
BirthBefore T.A. 1944
ChildrenProbably an ancestor of Imrazôr[note 1][1]
Physical Description

Adrahil was a Gondorian nobleman[1] who was a captain in King Ondoher's army in T.A. 1944.


As a descendant of the noble Númenórean family that settled in Belfalas in the Second Age, he was an ancestor of the line of the Princes of Dol Amroth.[2]

When King Ondoher led his army to face the Wainriders who threatened Gondor, Adrahil commanded the army's left wing. The soldiers of the right wing were under the command of the King's nephew Minohtar, while the centre was commanded by the king himself and his heir Artamir.[1]

Ondoher's enterprise came to a devastating end: he was surprised by the Wainriders, and his forces were overwhelmed. Adrahil's soldiers, however, were shielded from the attack and survived it. Ondoher and Artamir had both been killed, and Minohtar took charge, sending Adrahil along with both his own command of the Left Wing and those at the rear of the Right Wing who had not yet been engaged.[1]

Adrahil withdrew south into Ithilien to form a defensive line from Cair Andros to the Ephel Dúath. With these forces he was to cover the approaches of Minas Tirith and allow Minohtar to form a rearguard and attempt to stem the advance of the Wainriders. Adrahil should at once message Eärnil, and inform him of the disaster of the Morannon and of the position of the retreating Northern Army.[1]

Adrahil's fate is uncertain; the Wainriders eventually broke through Minohtar's more northerly defence, but whether they penetrated to Adrahil's position is unknown. Nothing more is said of him.[note 2]


c. 1944
Princes of Dol Amroth

Other versions of the legendarium

In the chapter "Cirion and Eorl" of Unfinished Tales, Adrahil is referred to as "Adrahil of Dol Amroth". However, since Dol Amroth would not be named as such until after the drowning of Amroth in T.A. 1981 this must be an anachronistic error on the part of the chronicler.[2]


  1. His family associations and his dates both imply that he was Imrazôr's father, but Tolkien never explicitly makes the connection. The dating is consistent with Adrahil being the father of Imrazôr, and hence Galador's grandfather, but the evidence on this point is slim.
  2. If he survived the initial assault, it seems likely that Adrahil would have joined with Eärnil in his counter-attack, seeing the ultimate defeat of the Wainriders at the Battle of the Camp though nothing can be said for certain of this matter.