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"Finrod and Turgon at the Meres of Twilight" by Peter Xavier Price
General Information
Other namesUmboth Muilin (S)
Meres of Twilight
LocationMeeting of Aros and Sirion
DescriptionMarshy mazes of creeks and lakes
People and History
EventsDreams of Turgon and Finrod
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Aelin-uial, or the Meres of Twilight, was a marshy confluence of the river Aros into Sirion, south of Doriath.


The Aelin-uial was the maze of lakes and fens formed where the river Aros met the Sirion, before it fell beneath the Andram.[1] These were lands heavy with enchantment from the Girdle of Melian guarding Doriath to the north of the Aelin-uial, and also from the power of Ulmo the Vala, which was very strong in this area.[2]

At the southernmost end of the Aelin-uial, the waters of Sirion met once more at the Falls of Sirion.[1]


The Aelin-uial was under the control of Doriath. Thingol's Marchwardens kept secret ferries among the reeds, which they could use to cross in between Sirion's eastern and western banks unseen by anyone.[3]

It was here that Turgon and Finrod slept and Ulmo put into their dreams the idea of building their hidden strongholds located at Gondolin and Nargothrond.[4] It was also in the meres that the Elves who guarded the western marches of Doriath found Húrin, whom they then brought before King Thingol.[5]

Near north of here, Morwen stopped in her travel to Nargothrond, and Mablung and his men showed themselves to her, as they had been following her in secret by order of Thingol. She refused the offer of coming back to Doriath and accepted them as escort in her travel. Then Mablung lead her to the Pools and took the hidden rafts used by the messengers between Doriath and Nargothrond, and they crossed the Aelin-uial in the white mists of the night.[6]


Aelin-uial is a Sindarin name, composed of aelin "meres", plural of ael + uial "twilight".

A variant name used by Tolkien was Umboth Muilin (also spelt Umboth-muilin and Umboth-Muilin), which translates to "Pools of Twilight".[7] Helge Fauskanger has noted that the Noldorin name Oelinuial ("Pools of Twilight"; variant forms Elinuial and Eilinuial[8]), of the Etymologies, became Aelin-uial in the published Silmarillion.[9]

Yet another, early form, was the Gnomish name Hithliniath ("Pools of Mist"; which was amended to Umboth Muilin, itself amended to Aelinuial).[10]